Our focus is on training teachers, educating

parents, empowering children and providing extra-

curricular activities that celebrate the geographical kaleidoscope.


 teacher training

Quarterly training related to current geographic topics and methods are provided to teachers in K-12 grades at a minimum cost.


after school programs

Children have the opportunity to join an after school geography club known as the “Globe Plotters.”  Activities and field trips will
enforce geography education through a service oriented program where students research local or world issues using geographical information systems (GIS).


geography literacy    outreach

 Through community events, media outreach, and educational flyers, Caching Our World Corporation develops activities to educate the general public about the world of geography.

technological outreach

Working with local park boards and recreation commissions,
underprivileged children will gain the opportunity to learn the sport of geocaching. Pronounced “geocashing”, the word broken out is GEO for geography and
CACHING for the process of
hiding a cache. Events can be designed to meet the teacher’s class room goals.  Using a GPS (Global Positioning System) device, students will navigate to designated points, receive clues and then proceed to the next designated point. Upon completion of retrieving the clues, students will then use ESRI ArcView software to create a map of their results




geography awareness week celebration

In 1987, U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed legislation
establishing the third week in
November as Geography
Awareness Week (GAW). Caching Our World Corporation works with leaders in the community to
promote geography literacy during this week with hands-on activities, games, a map gallery and a kid’s day-camp loaded with geography- related activities. 

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